cake freak AKA gym freak

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just cakes

I don't understand why I am a sweet tooth, and it's like SWEET TOOTH EXPERT! OMG I think I am gonna get diabetes someday , but CAKES , DESSERTS , PASTRIES ARE GIRLS' BEST FRIENDS, AGREE? HAHAHA

If you love mousse, like I do, you definitey need to go for this ! Tiramisu @Pastis Cafe and restaurant, Mid valley


If you are very picky about cheese cake, and never get to eat a better slice of cheesecake other than secret recipe, BOSTON cheese has ruled over SECRET RECIPE'S cheese cakes! TRY IT OUT , I NEVER GET SICK EATING SLICE BY SLICE! Boston Cheese @ Pastis Cafe and restaurant , Mid valley


Oreo Cheese @ Pastis cafe and restaurant , Mid valley If you love OREO, you should come with me , well combined aromatic taste of smooth cream cheese and the oreo chunks, really makes your day


30% off AFTER 6PM! 

Marble cheese, HAHAH kinda too sweet , nice but eating too much , you feel sick :X

Strawberry short cake , i love the cream though hahaha


seven sins chocolate, 3 layered dark chocolate mousse , doesnt like too much sweetness? go for this! Delectable @ Mid valley

Friday, March 16, 2012

Zombie's life VS real jungle

Study, eat , gym , sleep, everyday repeating the same thing ! Opppppps three weeks more to go back to miri , I am so excited ! Miss you mama!:P


Thursday, February 2, 2012

I miss you

Back in miri , gonna leave again after 4 days , how sad? No matter who is after me , I still miss you , can someone replace your importance in my heart , can something stop me from missing you ? it has been four months, please let me forget about the way you used to care about me .

*never imagine we will end like this Valentine's day is coming, I miss you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good days never exist in my dictionary now.

Oh man , SERIOUSLY depressed to the max, haih I didnt get to finish my 2nd experiment in the lab , I am soooo depressed and feeling wanna shout out loud! Damn you practicals seriously ! And hell, lecturers are just LIKE that , this is an endless nightmare, Nottingham campus I fear you already ! I live like a zombie everyday please stop!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My heart's farewell

Another buddy of mine is leaving tomorrow, AK5187 . Wong Ying Sheng , :( I will miss you . I know everyone needs to say goodbye someday , but it's hard to look at my buddy and say goodbye. I will keep you guys in my heart. I will fly too someday later, wait for me ,the journey of our hearts.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The lock .

I am not forgetting about you , but keeping all the memories in my heart. I will not take it out , I will not recall back . You had the key to my heart, but now the key is gone, cos I have destroyed it . I can't hate, cos I really can't let myself to hate you . (: With you , my life was great, cos every night you would call for hours, and I expected my phone to ring . Without you , I try to make my days occupied with work . Passing by the places familiar with your face is like a flashback of the memories, but it's just fine , cos I need to face it . Not couples anymore but i wish that we can be really good friends.